“The earth doesn’t belong to the man, the man belongs to the earth”

So it is said in a Native American Indian quote, that lingers over the environment and ground respect and tutelage as a gift received.
That is the foundation on which the flourishing “Agritirreno” organisation is built, it is, as always, increasingly aware to care about the environment problems, using integrated production techniques, agronomy techniques with a low impact on the environment.

Born on the 29th March 1993, thanks to a group of growers,nowadays is made of 19 members which aim is the production of fresh fruit and vegetable to ensure high quality products.

Agritirreno produce has GLOBAL G.A.P. certification to guarantee a controlled use of chemical ,in line with the standards required by European customers to qualify and ensure quality, food safety, good growing practices, traceability, respect for the environment, and good working conditions.

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Agritirreno – High Quality Product